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Sea, a novel

When you wake up at 2:30 in the morning, completing a book is not such a daunting task. SEA by Heidi Kling (Putnam 2010) seems to fit nicely into the spate of books I have been reading over the past couple of weeks. It is part coming of age, part dealing with loss and grief, and part romance. Sienna (Sae to her old childhood friends) is still coming to terms with the loss of her mother, a volunteer relief worker whose plane disappeared on an aid mission. Now it is just Sienns and her father and grandmother. One her 15th birthday, Sienna's father surprises her with a trip to Indonesia where they will work with the youngest survivors of the tsunami: the orphaned children. Sienna is not thrilled to say the least. How could her father be so thoughtless: she will have to fly over the very ocean that seems to have swallowed her mother. Once in the camp, though, Sienna is drawn to one of the older boys, Deni. Deni has also lost a parent, his father, in the wake of the tsunami. This forges a bond between the two, a connection that is frowned upon by the society in which Sienna is working. However, there are plenty of complications and obstacles for them both. Can Sienna and Deni come to terms with their losses? The reality of the lives of the orphaned children is a harsh backdrop for the budding romance of Deni and Sienna. Nuanced suggestions about the slow pace of rescue and reconstruction efforts are present for the careful reader, too. <236>
Tags: book a day, ya
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