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Once upon a time

Once upon a time there was a magical storyteller named Cornelia Funke. She decided that readers needed to experience the magic and wonder of the ancient stories. And so, she picked up her pen (or sat at her computer) and began to tell the story of two brothers, Jacob and Will, and a magic mirror, and a land where fairy and dwarf and shape-shifter lived not quite peacrably together. Once upon a time there was...

RECKLESS (Little Brown, September 2010, order your copy now) is the tale of two brothers, bound by love, connected by blood, each trying to survive in a world not of their making. When Will enters the world of the mirror unbeknownst to his brother Jacob, he sets into motion a series of events that will lead them both to mortal danger. Funke has taken the creatures of fairy tales and woven them skilfully and effortlessly into this new rendition of a truly Grimm tale. The sentences sing; the pacing is incredible. And each page is a treasure to read, begging to be read again and again.

Folklore is a tricky business. Too close to its origins and some might dismiss it as derivative; too far away from its roots and the story cannot hold together. Funke achieves the perfect balance. Careful readers will know all of the allusions, recognize much of he terrain, greet some of the characters as old friends. However, there is much that sets this world apart from its predecessors as well. Those are the touches that will keep readers guessing, keep them surprised as the plot twists like the roots of an ancient tree.

It was a joy to spend today lost in the pages of RECKLESS, wandering within the words of a powerful storyteller, enraptured with the characters and setting and themes and all that combine to create a modern masterpiece that echoes with traditions.

Thanks, VS, for sending this one along. Order your copy now, folks, and be prepared for the magic. <232>
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