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reading with my ears

Earlier this week I completed listening to the sequel to THE FOREST OF HANDS AND TEETH.

THE DEAD TOSSED WAVES (Listening Library 2010) is an audiobook that captures the rhythm, pitch, and tone of a teen's voice. Gabry is living in the lighthouse with her mother. Each morning, the Unconsecrated wash ashore. Gabry's mother must head out to slice off their heads. Gruesome, right? For fans of the first book, here is what happened to some of those who ventured beyong the forest of hands and teeth and fled to what they hoped would be safe harbor. Now, they have raised families free from the imminent threat of the Mudo (zombies). But Gabry is unsatisfied with her life and wants to explore new worlds. Off again go a band of teens to find a way to a new place to live. Complications arise, of course. <230>

What the narrator does well here is voice teen angst, anger, fear, and the like. Gabry sounds real. Pacing and such makes this a good choice for reluctant readers and listeners.

Had 51 in class today. Spent most of the day teaching and answering questions. Now, to bed.....
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