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the boxcar children

No, not the books. Tonight's dinner was with Jon Scieszka, aka Boxcar Aldous Huxley. It should go without saying that the rowdiest table at the very chi-chi Chi Town restaurant was ours. We invented stories, spread rumors, and generally entertained ourselves for several hours. I promised not to reveal the secrets divulged at the table. Suffice to say......(long ellipsis is for Boxcar Huxley's sake) Avi.

You really had to be there.

Boxcar Teri, aka, Joe Crustypants

Tomorrow, IRA winds down with a panel with Gary Paulsen, Sandy Salisbury, and Katherine Hannigan. Even though we are at the tail end of the conference, we hope people had the good sense to stick around for this session and for Jon's down the hall with Gordon Korman and some guy named mATT, or is it Ramblin'?
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