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Drove up to the office just to make sure I had all I needed for class this weekend. Shelved books. Read a few. Here are the picture books closest to the top that caught my eye.

There are only two sentences in BEAVER IS LOST and they serve to frame this charming textless book about a beaver who is scooped up with the log he is riding. Before long, the intrepid beaver is in the city and lost. Gamely, he begins the journey home. Elisha Cooper's quiet illustrations still convey the confusion and, ultimately, the courage of our road weary beaver. (Schwartz and Wade, 2010) <222>

DOG LOVES BOOKS so much that he decides to open a bookstore. At first, he is perturbed that no one comes to the store to buy a book until he realizes that gives him even more time to read. Louise Yates' book reminds us all that there is much to be savored in books. (Knopf, fall 2010) <223>

When Pearl moves, the lawn ornaments (they are real but only Pearl knows this secret) think they will go along to the new home. Alas, in LAWN TO LAWN by Dan Yaccarino (Knopf 2010), that is not the case. They must travel from the safety of their own yard in order to find Pearl. And along the way they have to avoid the dreaded trash man. <224>

SNOWBOTS (Knopf, fall 2010) is a lively and imaginative story of robot children celebrating a snow day. The story is told in a rollicking rhyme making this a perfect read aloud. <225>

Maxwell Eaton gives readers TWO DUMB DUCKS (Knopf, fall 2010) who love being outdoors and playing. Unfortunately, the seagulls keep calling them dumb. The ducks are determined to persuade the gulls that they are wrong in their assumptions. Simple and colorful illustrations in bright primary colors are a perfect accompaniment to this humorous story. <226>

I love G. Brian Karas' work and THE VILLAGE GARAGE is no exception (Holt, 2010). The employees of the garage are kept busy each season with various tasks. What kid will not love reading about machines and work? Of course, there will be some need of further explanation here in Texas where our seasons are hot and wet. <227>

Finally, Laura Vaccaro Seeger gives us a mostly wordless story in WHAT IF? (Roaring Brook, 2010). The central characters are three seals. Add in a beach ball, and there are many ways this story could unfold. Seeger provides three of them, the last the most satisfying. <228>
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