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a few more picture books

MAD AT MOMMY by Komako Sakai (Arthur Levine, fall 2010) picks up (in my mind) where Max is sent to his room in WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE (no, this is not an extension of Sendak's book at all). Instead of taking a journey, our main character grumbles and grouses about how mich he hates his mommy and how we will show her who is boss. Of course, all is forgiven and ends happily. <218>

Steven Kellogg illustrates Ruth Krauss' AND I LOVE YOU (Scholastic Press, fall 2010). I love the simple yet eloquent language: Big forests love little trees..." and how it is spread sparingly on each page permitting the illustrations to extend and elaborate. <219?

No covers for these last two books, drat.

THE WONDERFUL BOOK by Leonid Gore (yes, it is Scholastic as well; they sent me a box of F&Gs) shows how different animals in the forest use an abandoned book for various purposes. A boy stumbles upon it and demonstrates the real purpose of a book much to the delight of the animals gathered around. <220>

JACK'S PATH OF COURAGE by Doreen Rappaportwith illustrations by Matt Tavares is another winner. Rappaport can take an incredibly complex subject and write a straightforward and unflinching slice of life biography about him or her. Add Tavares' lush and lovingly rendered illustrations and this is a perfect book to introduce JFK to kids. <221>

If you have not had the chance to do so, swing by the discussion of READING LADDERS on the English Companion ning:
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