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waiting and reading

It is amazing how much reading can be completed while waiting for a 5 minute doctor visit. Spent 30 minutes waiting to get back into the inner sanctum. Spent another 10 minutes waiting back there for the doctor to show up. He spent 2 minutes with me before having to take a phone call. I got another 5 minutes and then off I was to give more blood and stuff for more tests. The ONLY bright spot was the hance to finish one book and begin another, to finish one audio and start another. Add to that the picture bocoks I read this morning in F&G and the day was not a total loss (oh and I had fajitas, too). All of this medical stuff is still related to the saga of the eye (and I think that is the title for the book I will write about it all: THE SAGA OF THE EYE, just need to work on a subtitle that does not contain f*bombs) and still we are not sure what it is and what to do about it. I have some suggestions, most of which involve pain for the doctors involved...

On to books. Here are the picture books I read this morning while enjoying some coffee.

My better half admired the artwork in Stephen Alcorn's ODETTA: THE QUEEN OF FOLK (Scholastic Press, fall 2010). While I certainly think the art is stunning, the language is lyrical. That's kind of important, don't you think, in a book about someone who put folk music on the map and influenced Bob Dylan and countless others. I have decided that the text is a song, one Odetta would weave with her magical voice and thrumming guitar. I think I will head over to see if there are any Odetta tracks available on iTunes. LADDER RUNGS: Partridge's book on Woody Guthrie and John Lennon. And maybe add all of this to Deborah Wiles' COUNTDOWN?


IVY LOVES TO GIVE by Freya Blackwood is a good choice for sharing with children who "give" and "share" things that we then have to track down. Ivy does love to share, bless her heart. She shares grandma's glasses with the dog, baby's pacifier with the get the idea. (Arthur Levine Books, fall 2010) <215>

Shades of summer camp songs: IF YOU'RE A MONSTER AND YOU KNOW IT is a pattern book by Rebecca and Ed Emberley (Orchard Books, Fall 2010). If you are a monster, feel free to join in my twitching your tail, stomping your paws, roaring, etc. <216>

David Shannon is back with IT'S CHRISTMAS, DAVID! (Scholastic, fall 2010). Those who are familiar with the "David" books know what to expect. Still, the book made me giggle, too, as David runs naked down the street and does other things that might just end up with him getting a lump of coal for Christmas. <217>
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