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reading with my EARS, part ONE

Yesterday afternoon I drove south of Houston to Sugarland (yep, used to be the hub for Imperial Sugar in these parts) since I had an all day class there today and did not want to hit the road before dawn to do the drive. Driving provided me the chance to listen to two audiobooks. Here is the skinny on the first one.

MARTINA THE BEAUTIFUL COCKROACH by Carmen Agra Deedy was an Odyssey Honor audio. I finally got a copy and listened to it (the book is required reading for children's lit). There are three tracks. On Track One, Deedy presents her storyteller's version; Track Two is her reading the book; Track Three is her reading the book in Spanish. I loved all three. I listened to them over and over again (the drive is about 2 hours). Now, I cannot get the refrain from my head: "Margarita Josephina, Catalina Cucaracha, Beautiful muchacha, Won't you be my wife?"

What fun.

Spent the day talking about books, reading books, evaluating books. Drove back home. Now off to bed shortly. Tomorrow's post will include the second audio I finished on the drive today.
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