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I feel like it has been ages since I posted about my reading. However, the post from yesterday WAS about books, so I am not too far from my mark. Here are three of the books I have read over the last couple of days. I have joined with some friends like Donalyn Miller (The Book Whisperer) and Paul Hankins (leader of the Centurions, a group dedicated to reading 100 books this year) and volunteered to read a book a day during summer vacation. I am averaging that now, anyhow. This just provides additional incentive.

I bought this one for my better half and then when I read through it decided I wanted to use it in my children's lit class. SRAT WARS is a scanimation book. As you turn the pages, scenes from the classic STAR WARS are animated before your eyes. It is tough to describe scanimation. You just have to have the book in front of you. I do think it is an interesting progression in "illustration." <209>

CINDERELLA CLEANERS by Maya Gold (Scholastic 2010) is part of a series about a tween whose parents own a cleaners. Diana has all sorts of adventures aided by the clothes someone else has left behind to clean. In this volume, PREP COOL, Diana uses a prep school uniform to retrieve her best friend's stolen cell phone. I enjoyed this romp of a book that is more about friendship and family than anything else. I think the colver belies a little what is between the covers. There are tons of references to pop culture: music, TV shows, etc. But this is not meant to be timeless literature; instead, this is a story about NOW, perfect for tween girls. (210>

Finally, I AM NUMBER FOUR by Pittacus Lore (actually James Frey) has already been optioned by Michael Bay. This is the beginning of a new series (Scholastic, September 2010) that pits the evil Mogadorians against 9 children of the Lorien. Nine children escape from the planet as the Mogadorians are destroying it for its natural resources. They escape to the closest planet, Earth. Three are dead. John (and his name changes from town to town as he flees ahead of possible discovery) is Number 4. The children must be killed in order. As they die, the survivors know; each is branded with a new ring of scar around her or his ankle. John settles down in Ohio with his surrogate parent, Henri. Before long, though, the Mogadorians have tracked them down. Henri and John must fight or flee. <211>

Lots of action here. It will be a splendid action film. I suspect it will find an audience as well in those who enjoy action flicks like Terminator. Ladder suggestions (this one is the bottom rung):

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