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Trying to keep current in children's and YA literature means virtually no time to read adult books. And that is OK, as Stuart Smalley might say. I truly do not miss much of the adult market. However, I have been in love with Stephen King since I first picked up THE SHINING all those years ago. The man simply scares the spit out of me. And he does it book after book. No exception for UNDER THE DOME, a 2009 book that I had on my Kindle for forever just waiting for a chance to read it. I began the book on the flight home from the VI and had to put it aside for a couple of weeks. Finally, I found time yesterday to finish the book.

It is fall in Chester's Mill (Maine, of course) and Halloween is approaching. It will be a season of many tricks and definitely no treats, though. Dale Barbara, a veteran and short order cook from the local grill, is heading out of town following a beating by some rather out of control townies. He does not quite make it out of Chester's Mill. For some reason, there is suddenly a barrier, what comes to be known as The Dome, descended on the heretofore quiet town. Now isolated from the rest of the world, Chester's Mill begins to reveal itself as not quite the picturesque town visitors might think it is. For one thing, there is a huge meth lab being run by the town selectmen. That is, of course, just one of the secrets being harbored in a town dark with mysteries. Dale Barbara (Barbie as he is called) is smack in the middle of it all, a perfect scapegoat for all of the violence to come. <208>

I listened to UR by King a few weeks ago and all this has reawakened my admiration for his work. It was lovely to do some time in the adult world, and I plan to come back later this summer with Carol Jago doing a Book Group at the EC Ning. But for now I have returned to the world of tweens and teens and happily so.
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