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03 June 2010 @ 08:18 am
get the scoop from the expert herself  

CAMPBELL'S SCOOP by Patty Campbell (Scarecrow Press, 2010) is a veritable treasure trove. This is a collection of some of Patrty's columns from the Wilson Library Bulletin (YA Perplex) and the Horn Book (Sand in the Oyster) that span several decades. This provides some history of YA literature and insights into trends and fads in the business of books as well. Campbell is a sharp critic whose ability to analyze books and the entire field gives readers a seat around the YA table. Authors, books, issues are all fodder for columns, and Patty has selected a little sampling from it all. Her tribute to Robert Cormier, her discussion of the f*bomb, novels in verse, comics and graphic novels, middle grade books: this is just part of the range present in this book.

While it may look like a textbook, rest assured that the writing is fresh and accessible and the reading flies past dizzyingly. I sat and read it cover to cover this week, unable to put it down. Thanks, Patty, for giving us the "scoop." <207>

PS: The English Companion Ning discussion of READING LADDERS is getgting underway. I have posted some questions to get us going. You can visit the ning and join the discussion here: www.englishcompanion.ning.com. If you are not a member, it is easy (and free) to join. Click on NOTES/EVENTS and select EC NING BOOK CLUB to navigate to the page where it all begins.
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