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final set of picture books for the day

Before I haul all of the stuff out to the car, I wanted a few more minutes of the lovely AC. So, here are th final picture books for the day.

Desmond has the ability to be in plain sight and yet not be seen. It seems to run in his family. All blend into the background. One day, a new student, one who does not blend at all nor even care to, comes to Desmond's school. Suddenly, he is no longer invisible. DISAPPEARING DESMOND by Anna Alter (Knopf, 2010) is charming. How Desmond manages to blend into the various places is fun to observe. Of course, there is a deeper meaning here, an important one for all of us who love kids: it is simple for them to become part of the background and simply fade away. It takes someone intent on drawing them out to make them "visible" again. <204>

Chavela NEVER fades into the background in CHAVELA AND THE MAGIC BUBBLE by Monica Brown with illustrations by Magaly Morales, Holiday House 2010). She loves to chew bubble gum and can blow amazing bubbles. One day, while shopping, she comes upon a magic box of chicle. Her bubbles take her far away, lift her from the surface and transport her. Tie this with ABUELA by Arthur Dorros and Faith Ringgold's TAR BEACH for some interesting comparisons. <205>

Finally, we have a lovely celebration of marriage in ALLIGATOR WEDDING by Nancy Jewell, illustrated by J. Rutland (Holt 2010). Raucous verse tells of the wedding celebration of two gators down by the bayou. Wonderful to read aloud, followed perhaps by the Cajun version of the Gingerbread Boy: THE CAJUN GINGERBREAD BOY by Berthe Amoss. <206>
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