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Picture Book Wednesday

I am up at the office packing up books and materials to take to the children's lit classes that begin next week. Next week I will put more than 1000 on the car as I travel to far South Houston and then to the Rio Grande Valley to deliver FTF instruction. But first, I have to pack textbooks and children's books to take along. I took a break from the packing to read some of the staggering stack of picture books arriving daily (or so it seems).

I LOVE pop-up books and have a nice collection of them as well. POPVILLE from Roaring Brook Press (2010) is already on the shelf for display. From the outside, this appears to be a rather unassuming pop-up. However, there are die cuts in each page that allow the original pop-up to appear along with newer elements on each successive page. Watch the town grow from one building to a thriving metropolis. (199)

CLEVER JACK by Candace Fleming with illustrations by G. Brian Karas begins with a royal announcement of the princess' birthday. Poor Jack has naught for a gift. However, he manages to compile the ingredients for a lovely cake to take along as his present. As he walks through the forest, though, the cake gets smaller as Jack is forced to allow various animals and trolls to have their portion. What will Jack have left? Just enough to tell a wonderful story. Pair this with Sims Taback's I HAD A LITTLE OVERCOAT or SOMETHING FROM NOTHING. (Schwartz and Wade, 2010)<200>

How many different ways are there to tell the same story? Infinite possibilities present themselves with traditional tales such as THE THREE LITTLE PIGS. Here is one more: TELL THE TRUTH, B.B.WOLF by Judy Sieraa (illustrations by Jotto Seibold, Knopf, 2010). BB Wolf is invited to the library to tell his story. He, well, he tells a different story but his feet are held to the fire by others in attendance. This is a clever variation, one replete with lots of other characters from fairy and folk tales. <201>
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