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thru a scan darkly

The scan is done. Just a half hour delay while they waited for my lab work from yesterday to verify that I was fit to go into yet another machine. Now we wait until next week. Came home and slept for a couple of hours since my normal sleep cycle has been to wake up at 3 and start working. WHY???

Glad I took a short book along this morning as I ended up with plenry of time to read. No cover to show you, unfortunately.

YUMMY, THE LAST DAYS OF A SOUTHSIDE SHORTY by G. Neri, illustrations by Randy DuBurke (Lee and Low, August 2010) is based on a news report from the 1990s about an eleven year old boy who was the subject of a manhunt in Chicago for killing a teen who was a bystander in a gang shooting. The story is filtered through the eyes and mind of a classmate of Yummy. Through the child's perspective, we watch the events of Yummy's short life unfold. DuBurke's black and white illustrations underscore the darkness of this true story and the seemingly hopeless situation of youth trapped in poverty and violence. It is a quick read, a perfect selection for the QP List.
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