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Picture Book Monday Returns!

I know you have been waiting with bated breath for the return of PBM, and here it is in abbreviated format. So much to catch up with at the office today plus my iPad arrived. I have restrained myself from even opening the box as I know that once Pandora opens the box...I suspect I will be going to bed later than planned tonight...

MAGGIE'S BALL by Lindsay Barrett George (Greenwillow 2010) follows the adventures of an adorable pup as she seeks the ball that got away from her. Into town goes Maggie in search of the ball. She discovers much more, of course.

SUBWAY is a fascinating look at the transportation system underground. Stylized illustrations (primary colors, gouache, etc.) by Christopher Niemann make this one to pore over.

The ladybug is the only silent animal on the farm in WHAT THE LADYBUG HEARD (Holt 2010) by Julia Donaldson. However, being quiet means she hears more, too, and she overhears a plot to steal a prize-winning animal from the farm. How she foils the plot is great good fun.

And speaking of farm animals and fun:

PIGS TO THE RESCUE by John Himmelman has an octet of pigs trying their mightiest to help anyone who needs assistance. Unfortunately, their exuberance often leads to less-than-desirous results. (Holt 2010)
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