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last one bites the dust

I brought 9 books along on vacation and now they are all read. I did remember, thankfully, to bring the Kindle along as well, so I will not run out of reading material for the flight home tomorrow. Here is today's read:

I have loved all of Scott Westerfeld's books and was prepared to be enthralled by LEVIATHAN (Simon and SCHUSTER, 2009) as well. WWI, Steampunk, two plucky protagonists, machinery, animals that function as machines, adventure, intrigue: what else could there be to make this a perfect book? Nothing. Alek is the son of the murdered leaders of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. He has been spirited away rom his homeland by loyal servants who know his life is now in danger. Meanwhile in England, Deryn Sharp conceals her gender in order to enter into the British Air Service. Of course, the two are destined to meet. Along the way there will be danger and challenge and oddities and victories. Westerfeld has fashioned a lovely landscape of Steampunk that blends the machinery of contemporary society with the machinations of Darwinism gone a bit wonky. He has also given readers two flesh and blood characters with whom to identify in Alek and Deryn. Readers who love Philip Reeve and Kenneth Oppel will gravitate toward this first book in what will surely be a series of adventures.


AIRBORN series by Oppel
MORTAL ENGINES series by Reeve
JACKY FABER series by Meyer
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