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finally an internet connection

taking advantage of a momentary connection in my hotel room in Chi Town to catch you up with the reading.

While we are beating the music metaphor to death, let’s talk about Nick, the lyricist and guitarist of a queercore band and Norah, the flannel shirt wearing guardian of her friend Caroline. Nick and Norah’s lives are thrown into synchronicity or maybe syncopation one evening as both are trying to cope with evil exes who show up at the club where they find themselves defenseless against the rage of emotions exes conjure. Could this be fate? Or maybe it is something else that brings Nick and Norah into the same orbit one fateful and music filled evening?

Rachel Cohn and David Levithan team to create this honest and exhausting examination of how tough it is to reconstruct a deconstructed life. Nick and Norah’s love of music and lyrics combine to draw them to one another in an almost desperate attempt at redemption. The voices of the authors blend seamlessly into one lush story of love and salvation and music and retribution and so much more.

Chicago has literally been the Windy City these past few days. Weather be damned. It has been a good excuse to stay inside and curl up with an unforgettable book.

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