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reporting on the reading

Last night's anniversary dinner was fantastic. However,having to climb steps back to our villa was not as wonderful. The elevator has been out all week here and we are on the third floor. Last night I feared I might never draw another deep breath. No prospect of this being fixed before we leave either. DRAT somehow is inadequate to express my frustrations.

Today I read THE MOCKINGBIRDS by Daisy Whitney (Little Brown, November 2010). It is rather a mash up of TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD (referenced in the title) with a little FRANKIE LANDAU BANKS some SPEAK and perhaps a little tiny bit of Beatrice Sparks and FUNNY LITTLE MONKEY thrown in to boot.

Themis Academy is one of those private schools for the very talented. In the case of Alex, the talent is musical. But there are athletes, musicians, artists, and geniuses there as well. There is also a secret society (well not so secret) called The Mockingbirds. The society was actually founded by Alex's older sister when she became aware that the school did not believe any of its students could possibly commit heinous acts against other students. Enter The Mockingbirds, a group who function as a tribunal. Students can bring "complaints" forward to be settled by the Mockingbirds.

Alex is going to do just that with the urging of her friends. She will bring forward a complaint against a fellow student who date-raped her. It is a courageous act, one that will require Alex to stand up for what is right even though it might invite the scorn of others.

Alas, no cover to show you as I could not locate one at the usual sources. It will have to wait until I am home and have access to a scanner.

Now, back to reading. On the balcony. On the third floor. With no elevator.

But bonus: here are the beautiful flowers our friend Martha sent us to celebrate the anniversary:

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