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updating from paradise

Finally, we are here in lovely St. Thomas. Lots of travel snafus along the way, but once you reach paradise, who cares, right? So here are the books I read yesterday that I did not get to post about sooner due to internets trouble.

THIS WORLD WE LIVE IN by Susan Beth Pfeffer (Harcourt 2010) is the third book that relates what happens in the lives of two families following a meteor striking the moon and knocking it off its orbit. In LIFE AS WE KNEW IT and THE DEAD AND THE GONE, readers followed the lives of two teens, Miranda and Alex. Now, Miranda's father returns home with his new family and some other refugees who have journeyed with them including Alex and his sister. Life is nowhere near normal: food is scarce, bodies are stacked out in remote areas awaiting burial; electricity and running water are not dependable. Survival is a daily ritual. How does this kind of existence affect those who managed to survive the disaster for a year already? Is there any hope for love, for family, for security? Pfeffer's ability to intertwine the stories of young men and women along with the incredible odds of survival is a blend that produces a riveting story. Readers who enjoyed the first two books will rejoice over this new book and also be heartened at the open ending that might just mean there is more to come.
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