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almost on vacation

We leave tomorrow for the Virgin Islands where we will celebrate 37 years of marriage, mostly happy, definitely an adventure. A week away from the resident of the back bedroom (who is just as happy to be rid of us for a week, too) and Scout (who will get up with him at 5 am? not me) and work (though I am working remotely since summer is almost upon me). *SIGHS*

Today ended up being a reading marathon. I managed to consume THREE books today. I will post them separately as the internets is not my friend tonight.

Lisa Yee gives us the second installment in BOBBY THE BRAVE (SOMETIMES), illustrated by Dan Santat. Bobby and his older sister Annie and younger sister Casey. His parents are an ex-NFL star turned house husband and a mother who takes time every evening for a quiet talk with Bobby. Fourth grade looms for Bobby with a musical, old friends and enemies, a new PE teacher and other hurdles. Are all handled with humor and aplomb by Bobby and his family and friends. Santat's stylized illustrations, Yee's humor, and this living breathing cast of characters make this a great book to read and to read aloud. (Scholastic, September 2010)
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