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end of week edition of Picture Book Monday

Came up to the office to try to accomplish some work (and actually did clear some items from the To Do List). Took a few minutes over lunch (peppermints) to read a couple of the new books arriving constantly (no, I am not complaining, simply making an observation).

DEXTER BEXLEY AND THE BIG BLUE BEASTIE ON THE ROAD by Joel Stewart (Holiday House, August 2010) features the continuing hijinks of Alex and a big blue beast. Since neither is particularly sleepy, they hit the road for some good old hooting. They are asked to please leave town and find themselves soon in a dark wood where they assist a prince in waking his princess and conquering his dragon in their usual unusual fashion.

Brenda Seabrooke brings us a new twist on a familiar story in WOLF PIE (Clarion, 2010). The three pigs build one house of bricks. Needless to say, the wolf cannot get into the house. Therefore, Wilfong Wolf takes up residence outside of their door. He cannot get in and the pigs (Pygg Brothers) cannot get out. Is this a stalemate? Not at all. There are some lovely twists and turns and lessons to be learned in this chapter book perfect for new readers, especially ones that know the story of The Three Little Pigs.
Tags: picture books
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