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it started off so promisingly

I woke up at 3 and gave up on falling back to sleep soon thereafter. So, I came out to the living room and read a couple of short books. So far, so good. I did go back to bed after the resident of the back bedroom left for school and caught a nap. Then, a pedicure. Not bad. Final stop this afternoon was the eye doctor to have stitches removed and see what the thing was he partially removed from my eye/eyelid last week. Shoulda known better. First, the nurse could not find any stitches to remove. Did I rub them off, she asked. Nope, I think I would have noticed that. More poking and prodding and removal of some dried blood (sounds better than "scab", right?). Nope, no stitches. So, I have what might be a nice scar PLUS the rest of the lump he could not reach last week. Doctor came in and told me what the path report was. No cancer. Good. What will we do next? Good question. He needs to get back to me about that. Shades of Joey Pigza. Can I get back to you on that? I will not bore with further details (too late already I suspect). Here are the three books I read today. Would have fit in a 4th but spent soooooo much time waiting in doctor's office. Here's hoping Wednesday will be better.

I <3 Lunch Lady. Here is book #4 LUNCH LADY AND THE SUMMER CAMP SHAKEDOWN by Jarrett Krosoczka ((Knopf, 2010). I actually wrote a short reader's guide for LL and Baby Mouse for Random House a couple of years ago. In this installment, LL and Betty go to take care of the cooking duties at a summer camp. It just happens to be the same summer camp attended by the trio of Dee, Hector, and Terrence who have helped LL and Betty in some of their other capers. Of course, it is not a quiet summer. There is some sort of slime monster attacking the camp and the camp ends up on lockdown. To the rescue, LL and Betty! Funny, tongue in cheek, adventure all in black and white and yellow. Spare and clean and quick and rather like eating M&Ms: I always want some more.

Neil Gaiman's INSTRUCTIONS (Harper, 2010) is absolutely charming and lyrical and visually absorbing as well (illustrations by Charles Vess). In a lovely prose poem, Gaiman provides readers with "instructions" for the journey. Be kind, feed lost animals, avoid sisters locked in a tower, and more. Along the path's twists and turns lurk dangers and friends alike. These instructions are useful outside of this journey as well and are a wonderful allegory about how to live one's life, too. This is one I plan to read over and over, particularly aloud as they beg to resonate into the air. And thanks to Kate Messner for giving me the link to Neil reading the poem :

BOOM (David Fickling Books, 2010) is a real departure for Mark Haddon (THE CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHTTIME). Jimbo and his friend Charlie are spying on their teachers hoping to overhear what they think of Jimbo's scholastic progress (or lack thereof) when they hear more than they bargained for. Two of their teachers speak a language Charlie and Jimbo have never encountered. Before long, the two are enmeshed in a mystery that has them being pursued by strange men, men who can cut metal with the heat coming from their fingertips. Who are these people? Jimbo and Charlie end up traveling much further than planned to uncover the answers to their questions. Tie this one to COSMIC and MY TEACHER IS AN ALIEN series by Bruce Coville for some interesting reading ladders.

And now back to figuring out which books to pack for our vacay.
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