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Picture Book Monday

I have a few moments here at the end of a very busy Monday to share some great new picture books with you. Some are perfect for gifts (one for Father's Day for certain) and others for reading aloud to children at school or at home. Some are books to study and browse and read again and again.

Baby Hippo has to show Daddy how to do EVERYTHING from eating carrots properly to how to get dressed. Thankfully, Daddy is a quick Bob Shea's OH, DADDY! (Balzer and Bray, 2010) is a perfect Dad's Day gift. learner.

Mo Willems is back with WHAT'S YOUR SOUND HOUND HOUND? Various animals are asked what sound they make. All is well until we arrive at rabbit who is puzzled about his sound. All ends happily, of course. (Balzer and Bray, 2010)

Aliki gives us PUSH BUTTON (Greenwillow, 2010), the story of a young boy whose finger gets sore from pushing all sorts of buttons from cell phones to vacuums to Jack-in-the-Box. While resting his finger, he discovers that there is still so much he can do including reading a book that gives him plenty of ideas for other activities.

Todd has a remarkable TV in TODD'S TV by James Proimos (Katherine Tegen Books, 2010). In fact, it is so remarkable that, when Todd's parents have too much to do, the TV stands in: at bedtime, at teacher conferences. But then the TV takes over. A lovely cautionary tale for parents for sure.

And, finally:

D. B. Johnson's PALAZZO INVERSO (Houghton Mifflin, 2010) gives readers plenty to examine in a book that tells two tales. Or perhaps it is two halves of the same tale? Never mind. Read through in the traditional format and then at the end flip the book upside down to continue telling the story. The illustrations work from both directions in much the same way as Ann Jonas' ROUND TRIP. Add in more than a dash of Escher, and you have a visual feast.
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