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Monday AGAIN?

Gosh, the weekend flew past me. So here we are back again at Picture Book Monday.

TIGER AND TURTLE by James Rumsford (Roaring Brook, 2010) is a fable of sorts about two animals who pretty much ignored one another as neither was a threat to the other until one day a flower drifted down out of the air toward them. An argument broke out over who saw the flower first. before long, a fight ensues. How will this all end? Happily, of course. Bright illustrations (orange and green) show the clash between these two animals off beautifully.

PETER KENT'S CITY ACROSS TIME (Kingfisher, 2010) will enthrall readers who love the meticulous landscapes of David Macauley. Archaeologists excavate a city from the Stone Age to the distant future. Minutia adorn each double page spread. This is a book to sit and scan for leisure as well as for information.

BLOCKHEAD: THE LIFE OF FIBONACCI by Joseph D'Agnese with illustrations by John O'Brien (Holt, 2010) is a biography of sorts of the childhood of the mathematical genius, Fibonacci. Turns out he was underappreciated as a child as he was always thought to be daydreaming when, in actuality, he was thinking about the patterns he saw in nature and in numbers. Perfect for reading aloud to an advanced math class.

Finally, in CARMEN LEARNS ENGLISH by Judy Cox (Holiday House, 2010), a young girl is apprehensive about her first day at school, afraid others will make fun of her lack of English facility. Carmen suffers some taunts but is quick to learn English and to teach others Spanish words and phrases.
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