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still at TLA

Actually had the chance to run see some publishers today and grabbed some galleys. Now, before heading off to a reception and dinner, I took some time to read TOYS GO OUT: BEING THE ADVENTURES IF A KNOWLEDGEABLE STINGRAY, A TOUGH LITTLE BUFFALO, AND SOMEONE CALLED PLASTIC by Emily Jenkins (aka e lockhart). It is a series of six interlocking stories about the toys and their owner, Little Girl. In one tale, Plastic discovers that she is a ball. Lumphy gets covered in peanut butter and has to be washed. Stingray has some adventures of her own. These charming stories are perfect for reading aloud to young children (the book is aimed at 7-11 year olds) and would also make for great models for teaching kids about Six Traits.

Off to pick up another galley and make a dent in it before it is chow time.

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