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revisiting familiar tales

Crazy Beautiful by Lauren Baratz-Logsted (Little Brown, 2009) is an interesting take on a sort of Beauty and the Beast. Lucius (the crazy part of the title) and Aurora (the beautiful half) are both new students at school. Lucius has moved because, well, he blew up his ol house. Now, he has hooks instead of hands. He will tell you why he opted for hooks as soon as you crack open the book, too. Aurora has lost her mother to cancer. Her father has taken a school library job (hurray for a male school librarian in a YA book, too). The two make a connection for some reason; there is an attraction of sorts. Of course, there will be complications along the way. Each has been changed by events in their young lives. But there will also be healing and hope. Lots of issues tackled here which keeps this from devolving into a teen romance scenario.
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