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26 April 2010 @ 05:31 pm
the long awaited return of Picture Book Monday  
OK, maybe you have not been waiting. However, I waited all day to find the time to post about these books, so here they are.

Not only visually stunning but packed with information, A BOOK ABOUT COLOR by Mark Gonyea has chapters that cover saturation, complementary colors, primary and secondary colors, and much more. Holt, 2010

Given all of the flight nightmares caused by volcanic ash, perhaps there are some who might avoid reading about volcanoes. For the rest of us, VOLCANO WAKES UP! by Lisa Peters (Holt, 2010) features poems about the various stages of a volcano "awakening." Collage illustrations.

Photography is the medium for SKY-HIGH GUY by Nina Crews. The story follows two brothers out into the backyard where one of their toys becomes stuck by its parachute to a tree limb. Holt, 2010

Ed Young's masterful collage illustrations accompany a lyrical text by Brenda Guiberson as readers follow a young bear foraging in the woods. MOON BEAR is a perfect read aloud. It is also a plea to help the bears from Asia who are often raised and spend their lives in cages as the afterword reveals. Holt, 2010.

Hopefully, we will have a reprise when I am back in the office Friday.
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David Lubardavidlubar on April 27th, 2010 08:23 pm (UTC)
Speaking of picture books, I'm hanging out all week with Brian Lies (Bats at the Beach). Nice guy.