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update on Richard Peck

Just back from a luncheon where Richard Peck was the featured speaker. I got my copy of THE TEACHER'S FUNERAL signed by this most gracious man. He had us all in stitches and, in the midst of the laughter, managed to insert some fabulous points about reading and writing and teaching. His next book will be called HERE LIES THE LIBRARIAN. He told me that the librarian does not die--she expires. Deadpan, I responded that it was "overdue." Who knew I could come up with something on the spot?

Congratulations to the National Book Award winner for 2004, Pete Hautman, honored for GODLESS. Read this intriguing novel about a young man who decides on a whim to invent his own religion, one that worships the water tower in the center of the town. Matters get out of hand and the novel takes off in directions readers will never anticipate. Hautman's other works, especially MR. WAS, are also well worth the reading.

Logging off from Indy for the evening. Off to have dinner with Gail Giles, fellow Texan and fabulous YA author.
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