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the top of my desk

has stacks that are acting as though they were active avalanches. Goal #1 this morning has been to reduce the risk of injury to those who might enter my office. It is slowly getting better. I think a few more books on shelves will help immensely. There is nothing quite like coming back to the office after being away for 2 weeks. Things ACCUMULATE. Mostly the things are books, so this is not altogether a bad situation except when you know that there is a faculty meeting today that will prevent you from doing more than shelving and tossing a few books into the TAKE ME HOME pile (new Cory Doctorow already there).

Yesterday was the faculty picnic at Chez Chance. We played with the blue-eyed pygmy goats (Snow White) and ate too much and then drove home, finally collapsing into bed at 11 (had to feed Scout who was quite put out by the lateness of his dinner).

Book postings to come shortly. I finished the manuscript for a book called FLIP coming from Wendy Lamb Books but must make sure it is OK to do a teaser posting here.

Listening to Stephen King's novella UR in audio and loving it. Back later, I hope, with Picture Book Monday. Stay tuned. In the meantime, here is Scout, sleeping.

Tags: back at work, books, sleepiness
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