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double duty

Since I failed to post yesterday, I am trying to make up for it with two postings today. Bonus: these are good selections for Earth Day as well.

As soon as I saw FANGS (Scholastic 2010) I knew the audience immediately (not me as I hate touching books with icky things in it, girl that I am). Fangs and teeth are the focus of this book that is further subdivided into reptiles, mammals, insects, etc. Lots of gruesome close up photos of teeth and fangs to thrill reluctant readers.

This one is destined to be a fave read for the resident of the back bedroom who loves all things disgusting. 100 MOST DISGUSTING THINGS ON THE PLANET (Scholastic 2010) has wonderful entries such as the poo flinging skills of the hippos, roaches, maggots, scabs and snot, and civet coffee. Something to upset everyone's stomach if read at the wrong time.

Happy Earth Day.

On another note, I managed to complete the full MRI today with the aid of drugs. a patient tech, a blindfold, and my hubby holding my hand the whole time while listening to the relaxing rhythms of Percy Faith over the noise of the machine. Now, I wait for the report and see what the ophthalmologist will do with this lump on my eyelid...
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