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TLA final day

Saturday dawned with a fresh spate of thunderstorms in San Antonio. Undaunted, Rosemary Chance and I went to the convention center to present our session. I think we had about 200 stalwart folks in attendance as we talked about new books. Then it was back to the hotel, into the car, and onto the freeway. A stop for lunch in Schulenburg and now home, sweet home for one whole evening.

TLA was exhausting. Also, it was kind of disappointing as I witnessed some really bad behavior on the part of some of my colleagues. On Thursday, some attendees felt it was OK to steal ARCs from one of the publishers. On Friday, teen day, I witnessed adults scooping up the ARCs and bookbags put out for the teens. I know the culprits are not reading this blog. But folks, we need to say something. So pardon the rant to come.


WTF??? Take an ARC or two. That is fine. But take only ones you will READ and then hand off to teens to read and pass along. I brought home 10 ARCs total. Ten. I tried to take as little as possible. I certainly did not take MULTIPLE copies of books. It was like a shark feeding frenzy.

Publishers need to make some profit eventually. If you take an ARC and do not order the book for your collection, you are not helping. If you take an ARC and never read it, you are wasting a tree. If you take an ARC without permission you are STEALING. If you take books intended for teens, you are the lowest type of life form out there.

People come up to me all the time and ask why I get books from publishers (and FYI, I purchased as many books as I received ARCs at TLA). It is because I do make sure others hear about the books. I read them, blog them, booktalk them to others. Publishers are fabulously wonderful to send me ANYthing. I am fortunate. And I try to pass that along. Right now I have two boxes of books that will go to schools whose budgets are frozen. I read books and then give them to someone else to share with kids. If you are one of the good folks I have had the fortune to know, I am happy to share books with you. But if I see you taking books and carrying off books I know are not appropriate for your kids or if I see you brag online about how much you scored, you will never see a book from me. I will save them for the folks who are selective, who are not whining about what they did not get, who are truly more interested in bringing the right books to the right kids at the right time.


OK, fellow lovers of books, rant over for now. I am off to Missouri ASL tomorrow. I will be in the Ozarks at this time tomorrow night. SIGH.
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