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TLA Day the First

I reluctantly joined the throng lined up to enter the exhibits as they opened only because I was working our booth. As I was propelled forward by the crowd surge, I managed to duck out to HarperCollins and see that David Gill's (thunderchikin on LJ) arc of BLACK HOLE SUN was there. Here is the proof, with Patty Rosati pointing to its place of prominence (and I scored an ARC, too).

Then, I worked the booth for several hours, our department booth. Had a short meeting and came back to the room to put my feet up and start reading the ARC. Doubt I will finish it here, but I will give it a go. Here are some other shots from the day.

Here is my boss, Mary Ann Bell with her Nancy Pearl action figure.

And here is Jennifer Smith with the cape worn by the first ever MAVERICK Committee for Graphic Novels of TLA. Not much chance to tweet or post today. Hope to do more tomorrow. I did meet Jandy Nelson and told her how much I adored THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE. Wish I had thought to take my wallet along with me oin that stroll so I could have bought another copy of the book and had it autographed. Sigh.
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