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raising your voice

It was a long day with the 400 mile trip back from the Valley. Picked up the resident of the back bedroom from her stay with the newlyweds. Came home, unpacked, and am running laundry so I can repack for TLA. Arrived home to find the F & G of Cynthia Leitich Smith's forthcoming picture book, HOLLER LOUDLY.

Holler Loudly is a child who has some trouble controlling the volume of his voice. His parents attempt to be patient, but ultimately they lose their patience as Holler continues to boom loudly at inopportune moments. However, (and you knew that was coming, right?) sometimes having a clarion voice is a GOOD thing. This is a rip-snorting tall take about how being loud can sometimes pay off. The larger than life illustrations by Barry Gott are bright and raucous as Holler's voice. This is a perfect read aloud, one with an important message about when to be loud and perhaps when to be a tad quieter. Dutton, November, 2010

And while we are talking about raising voices, raise yours in support of libraries. New Jersey is planning to cut 75% of the library budgets. They are not alone. In tough economic times, it seems libraries are cut first. What that means is that access to books and the internet is cut from the lives of those who can afford these things the least. Add your voice in protest to these cuts.
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