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The drive between Hattiesburg and New Orleans provided just the right amount of time to listen to MUCHACHO by LouAnne Johnson (Knopf, 2009). I must admit to worrying about Eddie Corazon. Eddie has about given up on school. He attends some of the time and pays attention when it is interesting. A new English teacher, one who breaks the rules, re-engages Eddie. Now he wants to succeed. Of course, it helps that he now has a girlfriend as well. A pivotal book changes Eddie's outlook on life.

I know that some of the reviews worried about this book being didactic. Somehow that did not come across in the audio version for me. I cringed continuously worrying that Eddie would drop out or make a bad decision. Instead, what I heard was gradual growth toward a better understanding of himself and how to succeed. And if that is a little preachy, well then preach on!

YA class today and then a 400 mile drive back home tomorrow. And another audiobook with ZOMBIES ! Cannot wait to see how the better half reacts to that choice.
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