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Finished this audiobook yesterday in my back and forth trips to the MRI place (failed last night in the open MRI where they expected me to stay for 2 hours or more). Simon Vance, the narrator of MIDNIGHT CHARTER by David Whitley (Roaring Brook, 2009, audio by MacMillan) has won numerous awards for his skill at bringing a story to life. He is the perfect choice for MIDNIGHT CHARTER as his mesmerizing voice brings to life the city of Agora where there is a price for everything. Barters are fine as well in this dystopic society based on the zodiac (city quadrants bear the names of the zodiac signs and there are other allusions to it). The Directors have kept everything under control for 143 years. Now in this critical 144th year, there are rumors of the protagonist and the antagonist and the changes they will bring to the society. Mark and Lilith are destined to play important roles in this year. Mark ascends to power through a subterfuge while Lily opens an alms house for the poor. Their lives seem to be heading in two distinct directions. However, they are inexorably tied together.

I missed this one in print somehow and am thrilled to have discovered it in audio, the perfect medium for this first installment in the story of Mark and Lily.

I am safely ensconced in my hotel in Hattiesburg where I will present a workshop tomorrow at the USM Literature conference. Then, I head back to New Orleans, fly back to Houston, and drive to the Valley to teach YA class this weekend. No rest for the wicked, erm, weary.
Tags: dystopian literature
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