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SNAFU and other frustrations

In an effort to be organized more efficiently, I decided not only to back up my files this morning but also to try to organize the ones I had on the computer. Somehow I managed to lose the PPT I did yesterday entirely and to lose covers whose titles begin with U-Z. #^%%*(&)&(%&$

But I recreated the Power Point and downloaded some of the missing book covers. Now I just cross my fingers and hoipe that one of the copies manages to survive for TLA on a couple of weeks. After I did all that, I read this:

GUARDIAN OF THE DEAD (Little Brown, 2010) by Karen Healey made me forget my frustrations and instead enter into the world of frustrations being encountered by Ellie. Ellie is attending a New Zealand boarding school while her parents are on a vacation. At school she meets the wonderful (but he asserts asexual) Kevin who convinces her to help choreograph some of the fight scenes for the production of Midsummer's Night Dream. One night before play rehearsal, Ellie encounters someone, a woman, someone who exudes danger. And now we are off on a wild mythological romp as Ellie joins forces to save the world as she knows it. Action, adventure, blood, myths, sea creatures with huge maws: this book has it all including one reluctant heroine in Ellie.

Reading Ladder ideas for this book: CUPID by Julius Lester, IMPOSSIBLE by Nancy Werlin, and RADIANT DARKNESS.
Tags: nz mythology
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