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Picture Book Monday on a Tuesday

I am up at the office for a meeting this afternoon, so I thought I could take a couple of moments to post about some new picture books.

I adore reading nonfiction for kids and teens. I learn so much with each book, and this one is no exception. GROWING PATTERNS: FIBONACCI NUMBERS IN NATURE by Sarah Campbell (Boyds Mills, 2010) is beautifully illustrated with photographs of flowers and shells and pinecones all to make the point that the number of leaves, spirals, etc. is constant in nature.

WINDOWS WITH BIRDS by Karen Ritz has a cat that bears a little resemblance to my own Scout (and to countless other cats) who adore sitting at the window watching the birds and "hunting" while safely inside. (Boyds Mills, 2010)

How did the stars get into the night sky? THE LITTLE MOON PRINCESS tells us how. Y J Lee's sumptuous illustrations accompany this lovely por quis tale. (Harper, 2101)
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