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Picture Books Part Two

I always did think that the phrase "easy as pie" was misleading though I love making pies. There is little easy about the process, though, as Jacob discovers as he makes a peach pie. The rules of the chef are good ones not just for pie but for life. (FSG, 2010)

What I love about BASEBALL FROM A TO Z are the stylized illustrations that accompany the text. They underscore the comic plays occurring on the field throughout the story. A is for ACE to Z is for STRIKE ZONE, here is a great book to share as baseball season gets underway.

Kevin Henkes' MY GARDEN (Greenwillow, 2010) gives us a beautiful story both in text and in illustration (so what else is new, right? this is Kevin Henkes). A young girl wonders what might happen is she had her own garden and could plant and grow whatever she desired. Henkes can do a great deal with a simple phrase and a simple line.
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