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Picture Book Monday March Madness

Back at the office on another beautiful Monday. Spring passes in the blink of an eye here in Texas, but we have had a lovely one this month. The temps are still chilly enough in the morning for a jacket. By afternoon, we are in the low 70s this week. The pollen is making everyone miserable as it coats every outdoor surface with a gritty green dusting. And now for the books:

ERASERHEADS by Kate Banks (FSG, 2010) is the story of three eraserheads who have an adventure when their owner accidentally strands them inside one of his drawings. How the three manage to get help is clever.

When Duck gets lost, he receives help from a chimp who in turn receives help, etc. This is a perfect story for those kids who will go on to read Laura Numeroff's IF YOU GIVE A MOUSE series. (FSG, 2010)

Alfie threatens to run away when his mother wants to discard his favorite pair of shoes. Mom helps Alfie pack all the things he will need for his great escape, all except for a hug. Good companion to PETER'S CHAIR. (FSG, 2010)
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