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I'm not dead yet...

Somehow the tune for this number from SPAMALOT is running through my head now that I have finished reading this book:

Penguin (October 2010) sent me this ARC with an intriguing twist. The author is listed as "you'll never guess who wrote this." If you have a guess, you are encouraged to send it in to win a prize. I did. But that is beside the point. Here's the scoop.

Kerry is a lonely new student at Pondfield High School. She pretends to be chatting on her cell phone at lunch so that she will not look quite as pathetic as she knows she is. And then one day, a miracle happens at lunch. The gorgeous triumvirate: Tanya, Natalie, and Mackenzie, invite her to join them. Kerry knows this is too good to be true; she is careful to look for the slightest hint that she is being used. However, even being used is better than being ignored, right?

I do not want to tell too much here except to say that this examination of peer pressure and the driving need to be a part of some group has not seen a treatment like this one before.
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