professornana (professornana) wrote,

out of the torture chamber and into some good books

#MRIfail left me with most of the day to read. Maybe if I could take a book into that chamber with me? Nah, that would not work either. But, I did take advantage of the day to read.

The manga-influenced GN version of SKELETON KEY (Philomel, 2009) is certain to please not only those wo already love the Alex Rider books and more than likely win over some new ones. I read the first book in the series when it pubbed some years back and enjoyed it. However, I had lost track of Alex and his adventures in the interim. Now, with the GN versions, I can catch up on what the teen 007 has been up to. I enjoy the action and adventure, the danger, and the faint echo of the Stratemeyer Syndicate is a terrific combination.

Here is a bonus, a photo of Scout. His new trick? Jumping onto the top of one of our bookcases to get the container of catnip. Problem? He needs help getting down. We have to move a chair into his landing area. What a cat! He is in the foreground with our Norwegian santas and an angel cat in the background.

Tags: gns, mri fail
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