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I had to wrestle the sequel to TWILIGHT from Natalie after only 6 readings. NEW MOON opens with Bella and Edward facing some hard truths. Edward, as a vampire, will remain a teen while Bella, still human, continues to age. How can they make this romance work? In a surprising turn of events, Edward declares that he and the family are moving away and that he will no longer see Bella. This abandonment sends Bella into a tailspin. Somehow, she manages to put her life back together without Edward, though it holds little that can cut through her misery. Enter Jacob, Quileute, who helps Bella repair two motorcycles. Bella has discovered that when she puts her life on the line, she can hear Edward's voice admonishing her. Jacob joins Bella in her escapades, but he, too, is changing. The question is, what will Jacob become and how will this affect his relationship with Bella?

I wondered how Meyer could take this story one step forward in a sequel (and I believe there will be a third book). Well, she does it by elevating some of the minor characters from the first installment (shades of JK Rowling) and setting events in motion that compel readers further into Bella's life.

While I was reading the sequel, Natalie re-read TWILIGHT (I think she is up to 27 times now). Her older sister, Corrie (15) caught the bug and read my galley of TWILIGHT (which is almost in pieces). Then, she began to hound me about finishing NEW MOON so she could read it. I might never see these books again. Thank heavens they go to bed earlier and give me some late night reading time.

NEW MOON was every bit as satisfying as TWILIGHT though it has a different tone and is a completely different book from the first. Kudos to Meyer for bringing readers along for another adventure. Now, she just needs to get that third book out before the others fall apart in Corrie and Natalie's hands!


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