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special Thursday edition of Picture Book Monday

I came into the office to fill in for my boss who is recovering from surgery. I weeded at least 200 books (door prize giveaway coming soon at TLA) and then decided to take a break and read some picture books before finding places on shelves for them. BTW, we began this morning (as we did Monday morning) with bats! Two bats were flying in our hallway today. Seems they like the department as that makes 4 this week (that we saw).

Pinata Books, a division of Arte Publico, is a Houston publisher that specializes in books for and by Hispanics. These three picture books are all bilingual with text in English and in Spanish. NO TIME FOR MONSTERS would be a nice follow up to Mercer Mayer's THERE'S A NIGHTMARE UNDER MY BED ( or IN MY CLOSET). A boy complains that he cannot help his mother or the monsters under the table, in the closet, and other places will take him away. The monsters, though, are afraid of Mama, so she can do the chores. There is a charming switch at the end, of course.

THE PARTY FOR PAPA LUIS is a cumulative tale about a birthday party complete with pinata, cake, candles, and a HUGE family.

GRANDPA USED TO LIVE HERE ALONE is a lovely story of a young girl who lives with her mother and grandfather. In some ways, it is reminiscent of SOPHIE with the text beginning with the girl being watched by grandfather and ends with her helping grandfather as he ages. Quiet and simple with repetition to appeal to young listeners.

The next three books are all from Roaring Brook Press.

Amos McGee works at the zoo. He plays chess with the elephants, wipes the rhino's runny nose, and lets the tortoise win all the races. When he stays home ill one day, the animals board the bus and come to visit him. The tiny details in the illustrations add to the charm of the story.

Rabbit has a wonderful (literally, it is filled with wonder) suitcase. When an animal approaches and asks if there is anything inside, Rabbit generously opens the case and shares a cozy cave for the sleepy bear, a tidal pool for the crab, and other wondrous gifts. What could be left for Rabbit?

A young girl longs for a pet (she tells others she is petless in Port Washington). When her mother asks her to go to her aunt's baby shower, she makes a gift for the baby but still longs for a pet. Lucky for her, the next day it rains babies and cats and dogs!
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