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I decided that since SlideShare had apparently decided to hiccup all of my presentations into the failed folder this afternoon, I should take that as a sign to switch gears and pick up a book. YALSA_BK has been all abuzz about this one:

Ever since she was small, Violet has known she possesses a special skill: she can sense dead things (not see dead people like in Sixth Sense) around her. She can also sense death hanging off things like after her cat has gone a hunting and brought down a mouse or a bird. But when she is 8, Violet discovers a larger victim of death: a little girl buried in a shallow grave. Now that she is older, Vi is careful to avoid things and places that will overpower her special sense (sometimes it is a sound, sometimes a taste, etc.). But when young girls begin to go missing and turn up dead, Violet knows the killer is near. That, of course, places her in some considerable danger.

This dandy little mystery is certain to be hugely popular with readers, especially those who love Alane Ferguson and Joan Lowery Nixon. In addition to the mystery, there is a lovely romance as well.
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