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Tom Sniegoski joins Jeff Smith in BONE: TALL TALES (Graphix, August 2010) to tell the back story of Boneville and its founder, Big Johnson Bone. Big Johnson Bone may not be big in stature but he makes up for that with his tales of adventure facing big rats, digging out of an avalanche with a soup spoon, and even staring down Old Man Winter on the day of his birth. Fan of the series will definitely want to read this. However, even if you are not familiar with the series, you will enjoy the hijinx of Big Johnson Bone.

Unrelated to the reading: Scout managed to slip out the back door without dear hubby seeing him. He did not go far in this nasty rain. Hubby saw him sitting forlornly at same door and brought him in to be dried and cooed over. We can only hope this cures him of the allure of the back patio.
Tags: graphic novels, prequels
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