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YOU need to read this book

</a Confession: I read this book in manuscript some time ago. I waited to blog it until the ARCs were ready. This past week, the lovely Molly O'Neill from Harper sent me some galleys (want one? I have a couple to send out to eager readers who promise to pass them along). I decided to re-read the book since it had been a while. Even though I knew in advance about the plot and characters and ending, it still seemed new to me. And it still left me stunned and devastated. I am not alone as the ARC will demonstrate with quotes from Don Gallo and Betty Carter, and Chris Crutcher, and Becky Anderson and many others. Kyle is, well, he's a slacker. He shows up to school but he is not really PRESENT. You know the type: all in black, does not turn in work. When he meets the new kid, Zack, it is not friendship at first sight. But, Kyle is drawn to Zack. Tiny choices that Kyle makes and/or are made for him drive the plot forward to its inevitable climax and conclusion. I guarantee you that YOU will grab you and pull you in and not let you go. YOU will haunt you. Benoit writes sparingly but cinematically if that makes sense. Think Bob Cormier meets Spike Lee. However, it is tough to pigeonhole this book despite my poor attempts to do otherwise. Just get YOU.
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