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Book #66 or so toward 100 Books in 2010 Challenge

I really needed a lighthearted read and this one was just what the doctor ordered. FRANKLY, FRANNIE by A J Stern (Grosset and Dunlap, May 2010) gives intermediate grade girls an accessible protagonist in Frannie (who wants to be called Frankly now). She tries her best to do good things, but it seems as though events spiral out of control when she is on a field trip. Now, her teacher announces a new field trip, this one to a radio station. Frankly can hardly contain herself and her excitement. What could possibly go wrong, right?

I love the design of this book immensely. Chapter numbers are made of office supplies (tape dispensers, rulers, etc.). The type face changes to provide emphases (size, shape, font). The illustrations mirror the humorous nature of the story without becoming cartoonish, too.

Just. what. I. needed.
Tags: easy chapter books, short
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