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more books about fathers and sons

Interestingly enough, Nancy Garden's new book, ENDGAME, also deals with a fractious father-son relationship. Gray Wilton is the younger son and very much the less favored of his father who prizes hunting more than Gray's talent as a drummer. Gray and his family have moved to a new town and a new school to give Gray a new chance. At his old school, Gray was suspended twice for pulling a weapon to defend himself against the bullies. Maybe this school will be different. Unfortunately, it is not and Gray soon finds himself being picked on my Zorro and his football cronies. How can he deal with the bullying compounded by his father's demeaning attitude toward anything Gray finds interesting? Garden examines the anatomy of a school shooting by telling the story in flashback as Gray is relating it to his lawyer. It is a chilling look at one aspect of the myriad shootings engraved on our collective consciences: bullying and a school system that turns the other way when likable and athletic kids pick on the less likable and less athletic. Garden's novel with its stunning cover is one that is certain to gain attention by readers who recognize themselves and the bullies they fear.

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