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California reality

Not dreaming. I am here in Escondido outside of San Diego. It took me most of the day to get here now that Continental has partnered with United. No more direct flights from Houston here. Have to change in Denver. Oh joy. At least I had plenty of time to read. I might post about the two books tomorrow. Right now, my body thinks it is near bed time even though the clock here indicates it is early. Of course, I have already made a run to Trader Joe's for goodies to take home to the resident of the back bedroom and my better half.

Tomorrow I talk to public librarians about tweens. I added some things to the power point tonight so I think I have tinkered with it sufficiently. I fly back home Thursday and then it is SPRING BREAK!!!!!!!! It will be nice to be home for a week.

The security at the airport in Houston was almost disconcerting. I have not seen this many TSA and other security folks since shortly after the events of 2001. They were pulling folks from the jetway. Did I miss something?

I know this is random but my brain is fried. I do not think I will do any more grading tonight.

Other observations: I can no longer watch Entertainment Tonight because I DO NOT CARE about these people who seem to be in the headlines. I am sounding more and more like a crotchety old woman. So, signing off for now. See you tomorrow folks. In the meantime, I am going to let the gently rhythm of the cars driving by on the 15 rock me to sleep.

Here is Scout sitting in what we call his "cube." It is the cool cushion on a footstool that converts to a tray. We have to leave it this way so he can wait for his treats in the morning. And even though I was up at 4 this morning, he knew it was treat time any how. Spoiled? Nah. He has us trained.
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