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picture book Monday Part Deux

Despite the rain, this is turning into a lovely morning spent perusing picture books. Here are a few more.

J. Patrick Lewis and Valorie Fisher give readers a delight in THE 5 AND 10 CENT STORE: A REBUS ADVENTURE (Schwartz and Wade, 2010). The bouncing poem, told in rebus, relates the delight of a young boy named Benny when he discovers the 5 and 10 cent store and its unusual inhabitants.

Loreen Leedy's work in the field of nonfiction picture books is (or at least should be) legendary. THE SHOCKING TRUTH ABOUT ENERGY (Holiday House, 2010) is no exception. Leedy takes readers into the world of energy of various forms from fossil fueled electricity and gasoline to solar and wind and geothermal power. As always, back matter provides more information that can be placed within the 32 pages of the books.

And finally for this installment, welcome a Yiddish flavored variant on the story of the little red hen: THE LITTLE RED HEN AND THE PASSOVER MATZAH by Leslie Kimmelman and Paul Meisel (Holiday House, 2010). Oy gevalt! Passover is approaching and it is time to bake the matzah. But will the no-goodnik friends of the little red hen as much as lift a finger? Of course, when it is time to celebrate the Seder, you-0know-who shows up at the door to help out.

Our meeting is delayed as our leader is stuck in another meeting. Hurray! More time to read and catch up on office work.
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